Tee Chee Yee

Cosmic Lover. A collaboration with Japanese photographer Akio for a online magazine.

A farewell card act as an invitation card. To invite friends to visit Malaysia. Risograph printing.

Digital Packshot for Newstate music. Zip Design directed. 

Degree show 2009 poster proposal for University of Brighton. Letterpress & digital print.

The 2012 Running Mix Album design. Zip Design directed.

Animated fun for Zip Design.

A redesign of ‘Hymn to the immortal wind’ music album, by Mono from Japan. The story from the album being illustrated and printed on stones, then formed the stone ring which featured at the end of the story.

Mini illustrations for Undidah, a website created to encourage the public to vote in the Malaysia’s general election, and to tweet about it. People could tweet after they have voted using the hashtag #undidah (Voted).

Illustration for a pencil case merchandising for KakiSeni Festival 2013. ‘Kaki’ means legs, also means ‘buddy’ in Malay, illustrated here all the buddies (legs) going to the festival.

A Collaboration project with Benjamin Phillips, redesigned Fleet Foxes music album. Ink on paper & letterpress.

A photography catalog compiling Jayna, Lisa Liao & Zee’s photography journal, sharing their daily discoveries from different part of the world. Hand-bounded & mix media.

Hand made recycled magazine, giving unwanted old fashion magazines a new life. Collaged & Letterpressed.

A video telling the story totally opposite of what the song is singing about. ‘All things bright & beautiful’ covered by The Pancakes from Hong Kong. Video featuring Gina Law.

Landing pages for Troika Skydining (Kuala Lumpur). Lascheersco directed.

Cantaloupe brand identity illustration

Flying Nomad catalogue design. Editorial design and art direction. Lascheersco directed.

Tee Chee Yee
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